I refresh and redesign your space according to the lifestyle and dreams of each client. My goal is to bring a creative spirit that infuses life, art, color, and imagination to any space; each tells an enthralling story with a live-in appeal.  

Like people, a living space goes through changes; it grows, evolves, and inspires. I celebrate miracles of small changes, as well as the challenge of extreme make-overs. Re-designing with existing elements and working within the environmental and resource constrains for everyday living is my true passion. 


After taking inventory of your furniture and accessories,  survey  your rooms and analyze your floor plan.  I ask lots of questions regarding how you live, sleep, cook, entertain, work . . . I want to know how and why you have acquired your possessions. What you love?  What is on your wish list?  What is your vision of the living the best life at home. 

I  then show you lots of images and clippings of many styles and looks to determine what  moves you.  I have found this an effective way to communicate with your creative inner voice.  Together, we will create an inspiration story boards and a budget for the project.

Once we agree on an overall vision and feel of your home, we can focus on an immediate enhancement plan – space planning, furniture placements, organization, storage solutions, accessories editing.

Next, I will do the floor move and at the meantime shopping/hunting for your space; focusing on unique pieces at the best value available.  My goal is to realize the effect of the whole that is greater than the sum of the parts.  The more creative freedom allowed working with you, the more striking the final result will be and the more money you save -- this truly is the highest value proposition in working with me.  

     Joyce Wang-Apfel
      my Muse

                           . . .  all can hear, 
        but only the sensitive can understand . . . 
contact: (415)806-9416  joyceapfel@comcast.net
Working as an interior stylist and life style manager in San Francisco, I am constantly inspired by artful places, interesting people, chic events, and beautiful objects.  I hope to impart these inspirations to my life enriches those around me.